Silicon Nitride Welding Location Pins

Applications within the Projection Welding industry demand the toughest and most durable of materials.
Ortech, Incorporated is a worldwide leader in the development and production of advanced technical ceramics.
Silicon Nitride has an unparalleled track record in durability, providing a wear-resistant ceramic material to combat the rigours of any welding environment.
The effectiveness of Silicon Nitride can be attributed to the following unique properties:

• High wear resistance
• Increased life in service
• High quality ground surface finish
• High flexural strength values
• Non-electrically conducting
• Non-magnetic
• Resistance to weld spatter
• Precision engineered parts

Why choose Ortech Silicon Nitride Welding Location Pins?
Unlike pins coated with ceramic, Silicon Nitride offers a solid monolithic ceramic – so there is no thin layer of coating to break through in service and create wear. Longevity is increased many fold, reducing process down-time and improving product quality.

Silicon Nitride Welding Location Pins 2

Technical Specifications

Tensile Strength, Kovar Cup Method > 20,000 psi, avg. (138N/mm2)
Helium Leak Rate < 10-9 cc/sec
Thermal Shock Resistance room temperature to 850C will not burst or leak after five operations