Ceramic Injection Molding

Ortech – revolution in ceramic injection molding

Ceramic injection molding is ideal for high-volume production of complex, tight-tolerance components. Ceramic injection molding offers significant advantages over conventional forming methods:

• Cost-effective technique for complex designs
• Ability to produce net or near-net shape parts
• Very tight tolerance control
• Low-cost, high-volume manufacturing runs

Complex ceramic parts can be manufactured easily and reliably

High-quality ceramic injection molding opens up new possibilities for making complex components with economic and technical benefits:
• High degree of automation
• Wide range of shapes
• Near-net-shape manufacturing
• Good mechanical properties

Ceramic Injection Molding Process

Material Production – Our application engineer help you choose from variety of advanced technical ceramics.
Molding – State-of-the-art injection molding machines heat feedstock to a flowable state and pressure inject it into a steel mold. The part then is cooled until solid and ejected from the mold
Debinding – Some materials may require either thermal or chemical bath debinding prior to the sintering process.
Sintering – In kilns capable of exceeding 1700° C, ceramics are sintered to full density, removing any remaining binders or organics.
Finishing Operations – If needed, operations such as ceramic machining, grinding, Lapping and Polishing Services are available to meet customer specifications.


Ortech offers a broad range of high strength, high performance ceramic materials ideal for complex injection molded designs. Ortech engineers work with our customers to select the best material for individual applications.

Ortech is capable of molding a wide range of materials including different grades of alumina oxide, zirconia oxide, steatite, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride.