Macor Overview

Macor® is a machinable glass ceramic material that possess outstanding engineering properties. Unlike other ceramics, Macor® can be machined with ordinary metalworking tools. Macor® is also a problem-solving material combining the performance of a technical ceramic with the versatility of a high-performance plastic. Macor® has no porosity and when properly baked out and will not outgas. It is strong, rigid and, unlike high temperature plastics, will not creep or deform and is also radiation resistant. MACOR® remains continuously stable at 800 °C, with a maximum peak at 1000 °C under no load.

Ortech provides state-of-the-art materials manufactured by the most cost-effective processes. Ortech maintains efficient, large-scale manufacturing facilities to support quick-turn prototype development and high-volume production.

Macor Glass Ceramic

Advanced Finishing Services

  • Precision grinding and lapping
  • Laser machining
  • Engineering design and support
  • Threaded components

Material Properties Chart

Density g/cm3 2.5
Crystal Size Average Microns 0
Water Absorption % 0
Gas Permeability – 0
Color – Ivory/White
Flexural Strength (MOR) 20° C MPa (psi x 103)
Elastic Modulus 20° C GPa (psi x 106)
Poisson’s Ratio 20° C – 0.29
Compressive Strength 20° C MPa (psi x 103) 345
Hardness Rockwell R45N 48
Tensile Strength 25° C MPa (psi x 103)
Fracture Toughness K(I c) MPam1/2 1.53
Thermal Conductivity 20° C W/m K 1.46
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 25-1000° C 1X 10-6/°C
Specific Heat 100° C J/kg*K 0.79
Thermal Shock Resistance Δ Tc °C
Dielectric Strength 6.35mm ac-kV/mm (ac V/mil)
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz 25° C
Dielectric Loss (tan delta) 1 MHz 25° C
Volume Resistivity 25° C ohm-cm > 10 16
Volume Resistivity 500° C ohm-cm
Volume Resistivity 1000° C ohm-cm