Ceramic Materials

Ceramic Materials2017-12-05T15:33:11+00:00

Technical Ceramics Materials

Ortech has a wide range of Ceramics Materials to offer. Each one with its own unique characteristics designed to meet the requirements of many diverse applications. Some of the more widely used materials are described below.

Alumina Oxide Ceramics Al2O32018-05-23T16:06:43+00:00
Zirconia oxide Ceramics ZrO22018-04-14T19:47:51+00:00
Silicon Carbide Ceramics SiC2018-05-23T16:07:36+00:00
Silicon Nitride Ceramics (Si3N4)2018-05-24T06:19:04+00:00
Macor Glass Ceramic- Machining Information2018-05-23T16:08:28+00:00
Steatite Ceramics Properties2017-12-05T15:33:13+00:00
Tungsten Carbide Ceramics2018-05-23T16:11:03+00:00