Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) ceramics is superior to other materials due to its thermal shock resistance. It does not deteriorate at high temperatures, so it’s used for automotive engines and parts for gas turbines, including the turbocharger rotor.
Ortech offers a complete family of Silicon Nitride materials. These materials have the following key characteristics: No adhesive wear against steel, Twice as hard as tool steel, Good chemical resistance and 60% less weight than steel.

Ortech provides state-of-the-art technical Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) manufacturing by the most cost-effective processes. Ortech maintains efficient manufacturing facilities that support quick-turn prototype development and high volume production.

Silicon Nitride Si3N4

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Material Properties Chart

Sintered Silicon Nitride
Density g/cm3 3.20
Crystal Size Average Microns
Water Absorption % 0
Gas Permeability – 0
Color – Gray
Flexural Strength (MOR) 20° C MPa (psi x 103) 900
Elastic Modulus 20° C GPa (psi x 106) 315
Poisson’s Ratio 20° C –
Compressive Strength 20° C MPa (psi x 103) 2500
Hardness Rockwell R45N
Tensile Strength 25° C MPa (psi x 103)
Fracture Toughness K(I c) MPam1/2 7.5
Thermal Conductivity 20° C W/m K 19
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 25-1000° C 1X 10-6/°C 3.1
Specific Heat 100° C J/kg*K 800
Thermal Shock Resistance Δ Tc °C
Dielectric Strength 6.35mm ac-kV/mm (ac V/mil) 15
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz 25° C
Dielectric Loss (tan delta) 1 MHz 25° C
Volume Resistivity 25° C ohm-cm 10 10
Volume Resistivity 500° C ohm-cm
Volume Resistivity 1000° C ohm-cm

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