Custom Ceramic Tube and Rods

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  • Discounts on large quantities
  • Unit price and estimated ship dates will be calculated when the length and quantity are specified.
  • We require a minimum order value of $175.00. If your order total is less than the $175.00 minimum you have the option to pay the difference or to order additional items to meet the minimum.
  • Typical response time is 24-36 hours.

Custom Ceramic Tube and Rods

Advanced technical ceramics provide a broad variety of unique engineering
properties to improve or extend the performance of your product.

When your application demands:
• Extreme temperature stabilit
• A broad range of material selections
• Excellent dielectric properties
• Custom shapes and sizes
• Hard and wear resistant surfaces
• Machining to precision tolerances
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
• Polished surfaces
• Corrosion resistance
• Intricate shape capability

Contact a Ortech application engineer at the earliest stage in your design process to aid you in material selection and
design considerations to achieve the optimum balance between performance and cost objectives