Ceramic Roller Bearings

Hybrid cylindrical ceramic roller bearings have rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (ceramic). The outer and inner ring of the Hybrid Ceramic Bearing is made from special steel, including high carbon chromium bearings steel. Cage can be made of metallic material, resin or composite material depending on the intended operating conditions of the bearing.

• Ceramic Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Roller
• Suitable for high speeds
• provide maximum resistance against the passage of electric current
•less friction
•less heat
•Increased maintenance intervals due to longer rating life of the grease

Electric motors, especially traction motors, and in applications running under severe operating conditions

Types available
Ceramic roller bearings are manufactured in the following series N, NU and NN
Minimum bore diameter d = 15 mm
Maximum outer diameter D = 300 mm

Ortech also manufactures custom-made hybrid roller bearings for your specific application.
These bearings are available in Prototype to production runs.

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