Angular contact Hybrid ball bearings are used to meet the requirements of particularly demanding applications. The inner ring and outer ring are made from highly fatigue resistant Carbon chrome bearing steels such as SAE5, while the balls are ceramic (Si3N4). Ceramic balls used in place of steel balls can radically improve bearing performance in several ways:

  • Low vibration and noise.
  • High running speeds.
  • Low wear and long operating life
  • Less sensitive to vibration

Angular contact Hybrid ball bearings have one ring shoulder removed, either from the inner or outer ring. This allows a larger ball complement than found in comparable deep groove bearings, giving a greater load rating. The speed capability of angular contact bearings is also greater.

Ortech angular contact ceramic bearings have a nominal contact angle ranging from 10 ̊ to 25 ̊. They can be used in pre-loaded duplex sets, back to back (DB) or face to face (DF) for supporting thrust
loads in both directions or in tandem (DT) for additional capacity.

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