Project Description

Sample Products

Advanced Finishing Services

  • Precision Machining and grinding
  • Laser machining
  • Engineering design and support
  • Metallizing

Manufacturing Options

  • Hot Pressed
  • Roll compacting
  • Co-firing
  • Isostatic pressing
  • Dry pressing
  • Hot pressing
  • Tape casting
  • Slip casting

Material Properties

Crystal Size (Average)Microns6
Water absorption (open porosity)%0
Gas permeability%0
Flexural Strength (MOR) 20°CMPa (psi x 103)375 (54)
Elastic Modulus 20°CGPa (psi x 106) 370 (54)
Poisson’s Ratio 20°C¯ 0.22
Compressive Strength 20°CMPa (psi x 103) 2500 (363)
HardnessGPa (kg/mm2) 14.1  (1440)
R45N 83
Tensile Strength 25°CMPa (psi x 103) 248 (36)
Fracture Toughness K(I c)mpa m1/2 4-5
Thermal Conductivity 20°CW/m K30.0
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 25-1000°CX 10-6/°C8.2
Specific Heat 100°C880 J/kg*K880
Thermal Shock Resistance   ΔTc °C200
 Maximum Use Temperature  °C 1750
Dielectric Strength 6.35mmac-kV/mm (ac V/mil)8.7 (220)
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz25°C 9.8
Dielectric Loss (tan delta) 1 MHz25°C <0.0001
Volume Resistivity 25°Cohm-cm >10
*The chart is intended to illustrate typical properties. Property values vary with method of manufacture, size, and shape of part. Data contained herein is not to be construed as absolute and does not constitute a representation or warranty for which Ortech, Inc. assumes legal responsibility.